Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Download and Activation

The Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac Version 16.27 (19071500) suite includes all of the individual applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. All packages are only 64 bits. We also provide installation and update packages for Mac users.

Office Home & Business 2019 for Mac Product Key

Office 2019 for Mac download link:

Office 2019 for MacDownload Install file Download update fileSHA-256 hash for install package
Office suite
(with Teams)
Install package AB0F3030D400F019DDC4AE1DC0AADF32026A4931569CB41EEC1686E5A753C835
Office suite
(without Teams)
Install package A43F070675542A7E19B9BE21A3957E35C446E3E1CE8A64CAE268F86E458E1F76
Install package Update package 6e6e87f28b5ff4b53d6fe3c021a5516f4b709bfb05e67ffab99751cc41ba5777
Install package Update package 3d024b0d0362692854fa872f29fd98a3c43fabe2a30f590e42eb86bb68c909e5
Install package Update package dc2e318b1f5ba23b8d3658a150bf21febcac4f90c5fd00ac8c3228aef0bef209
Install package Update package 3647f0beaf1ea32c1d7db3d5e202846d319fc667cf4104b57defa15c3442825f
Update package Not applicable

Download Office 2019 activator

The Volume License Serializer is used to activate Microsoft Office 2019/2016 for Mac. This file size is about 4 MB, and you can run the file for activation during or after the installation of Office 2019.

Download link:

File:   Microsoft_Office_2019_VL_Serializer.pkg
Size:   3958639 bytes
MD5:    ba16504289d5e3da106f9cbfbd3c300f
SHA1:   f1c7ff70e3f16b91bfb73335f2941a4e59a6476a
SHA256: 4b3050ec8597ac2971abd32d00bffdb9cc285e3b905ae11d0fb0f37ee0bbc97f

The licensing plist generated by the VL Serializer contains data that’s encrypted by using the serial number of the boot drive on the computer where it was generated. Upon each Office application launch, the plist is decrypted by using the current boot drive serial number as the decryption key. If the data cannot be decrypted (for example, boot drive serial number is different), Office will go into an unlicensed state without warning.

Because the license plist file is encrypted using information from the computer on which it’s installed, you can’t copy it to a different computer to activate Office on that computer.

There’s a single VL Serializer package that contains a single key that’s shared between all volume licensed customer installations.

The VL Serializer package contains a binary executable that’s named “Microsoft Office Setup Assistant.” It’s this executable that actually activates the volume license.

If you install the volume licensed version of Office 2016 for Mac from the .iso file downloaded from the VLSC, you don’t need to run the VL Serializer. That installer package already has the VL Serializer functionality built-in. But, we recommend that you always download and install the most current version that’s available on the Office Content Delivery Network (CDN) on the internet. For more information, see Download Office for Mac to your local network.

The VL Serializer package is compatible with mobile device management (MDM) servers such as Microsoft Intune, Jamf Pro, or FileWave.

Activate Office 2019 using Product Key

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up/in with Microsoft account.
  3. Now enter your Office 2019 product key (32-bit or 64-bit).
  4. Select your country and your language. Click onĀ Next.
  5. Click on Install to download the setup file.